Listings filed under 'Autobiography/Memoir'

Borzelleca, Louise Anne – 45

Love, marriage, family, illness and dying; the Greatest Generation, life as an immigrant from Italy; the Flu Epidemic of 1918

Buser, Margaret A. – 24

Family life; economic depression

Buser, Margaret A. – 25

Dogs; family life

Devito, Peter J. – 19

Growing up in New York City; Italian emigrant experience

Fawkes, Judith Poxson – 28

Weaving; visual ideas; artist’s life; creative influences; family; teaching

Strongin, Lynn – 35

WWII; family life; American Jewish experience; divorce; parents; polio; New York; 1950s

Vann, Sara Badger Graham – 31

Philosophical explorations; love relationships; family life; racial attitudes; Southern life