Listings filed under 'Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks'

Borenstein, Audrey – 08

Academe; family life; journal-keeping; literature; U.S. Society; spirituality; writing/the writing life

Borenstein, Audrey – 14

Creativity; dreams; human condition; journal-keeping; literature; parallel lives; U.S. society; spirituality; teaching; writing/the writing life

Borenstein, Audrey – 15

Dreams; family life; journal-keeping; teaching; writing/the writing life

Borenstein, Audrey – 16

Aging; grandparenthood; history—U.S.; history—World; human suffering; interfaith dialogue; journal-keeping; Judaism; parallel lives; war; writing/ the writing life

Connolly, Wm. Anthony – 43

Writing; spirituality; death/mortality; belonging; art

Dickson, Katherine Murphy – 22

American woman’s life; high school; college; graduate school; profession of librarianship; love relationships; marriage; motherhood; family life

Keating, Charles – 01

Art; science; religion; evolution; poetry; politics; wonder; relationships

Molta, Victoria – 07

Psychiatric disability; daily life; family life; hopes and dreams; self-exploration/reflection; spiritual journey

Willow, Morgan Grayce – 49

Death & dying; friendship; keeping vigil with dying loved one; grief; last moments

Zager, Raymond Lee – 23

Relationship to wife and children; dreams; law work; World War II; travel in U.S. and Europe; readings (literature, diaries); the study of diaries