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Spring 2010 :: Current Issue

Part Way There

Matt Hetherington

Home Poem

in this place to meet and greet
there are as many streetlights as people

yet you walk only to your car and back again
staring through a distance which is always close

[vague pain]
[black mountain]
[the surgical insertion of the cold]
[eyes like marbles]
[the fields of brown grass and the empty parks]

here we can be safely fated to our allotment

but how have roots in the city of air?
i have shadows in the brain from beating my head

on what is clearly transparent

Even So

no old hole
that spat us out
and odd one shouldn’t often
think of that

the forbidden is hidden
by having no name

the erasure of a blank
is an ancient answer
but the same questions return
like water and its murmur

[Not the Sun?]

not the sun but the dark
that makes shadows
the ones that stay still even in storms


not my leaving but my staying
that forced her
to open the last remaining door

[For My Daughter?]

1st lines:

i will enter
the still centre
of the baby’s black shriek

we have lost
what you now have

Ending lines:

to love beyond love
beyond time
beyond life

Inside & Out

inside, the unclear window
outside, the closed blind

inside, the familiar doors
outside, the painted fences

inside, spices & incense

outside, scaffolds and detours

Opening Lines for Poems

another morning standing at the sink


i was painting the ceiling with memories
when some fluff covered the sun


big green eyes, one white lie


there is a river
that runs as blood
from my heart to your own
and i have swum against it long enough


i am nothing like a zero


all the words forgotten
on hot nights with the lights out


i love clouds more than the sun
but less than sunlight

Ending Lines for Poems

and the force that through a fire
drives the water to the earth


two birds
fall asleep
in a tree

Titles for Poems


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