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Spring 2010 :: Current Issue

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the first issue of FragLit Magazine on the theme of Travel Fragments. The contributors in this issue write about their experiences in Africa, the Greek islands, Italy, Antarctica, San Francisco, Mexico, and while hitchhiking in Europe and the U.S. There are also two essays on travel writing; one of them includes many passages from actual travel journals and is a good example of fragmentary writing (complete with unconventional punctuation).

In addition to the theme-based contributions, this issue includes the “Fragments on Fragments” section (written by regular contributor Carlos V. Reyes) and a “Quotes” section. Though we didn’t receive any contributions for the “FragNotes” section for this issue, we hope to receive them for upcoming issues (this section will consist of micro essays and notes that explore fragmentary writing in general).

Jason Anthony’s piece, “Circumnavigating Icebergs,” includes photos, and Carlos Reyes’ “Fragments on Fragments” section (which consists of 13 titled fragments) includes photo slide shows embedded within several of the fragments. Note the arrow indicators (“Next” and “Prev”) to the right and left of the box of text; his fragments can be browsed through easily using these.

In her piece “Sanctuary,” Jenna Evans travels to San Francisco, home of her past. In a sense, this reflects not only literal travel but time travel. And Kimble Greenwood’s piece, “People on the Road,” illustrates the fragmented nature of travel via hitchhiking—a double fragmentation since travel itself is a fragmentary experience.

American novelist Thomas Wolfe, while driving through the Western states of the U.S. during the late 1930s, kept a daily log of his travels. He described his travel experience as “a kind of tremendous kaleidoscope.”

Here, then, is the first issue of FragLit—a kind of kaleidoscope, as well.

—Olivia Dresher

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