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Spring 2010 :: Current Issue

Editor’s Note

“Meditations on Love” is the theme for the second issue of FragLit—a theme which, not surprisingly, generated a large number of submissions.

Thirteen theme-based contributions are included in this issue. All of them are very different from each another, and all of them explore love unconventionally. Some of the pieces enter the subject of love from the front door, others enter from the back or side door. Some explore the subject from a position of longing, ambivalence, loss, or light-heartedness; others offer fragments of childhood memories or expressions of love’s various difficulties. A few of the pieces question, directly or indirectly, the very nature of love itself.

In addition to the contributions related to this issue’s theme, ten fragments by Lauren Albert comprise the text for the first “FragNotes” section, and regular contributor Carlos V. Reyes has put together another inventive “Fragments on Fragments” piece.

—Olivia Dresher

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