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Haunting Memories

Fall 2009 :: Current Issue

2009 :: Issue 5/Fall :: Haunting Memories

Editor’s Note

It’s hard to believe that two years have gone by since the first issue of FragLit appeared in the Fall of 2007. Since then, our mailing list has grown and more writers are linking to FragLit at their blogs and websites, bringing in a continual flow of new readers and contributors as well as many good words about the magazine itself.

Each issue of FragLit, beginning with this issue, will include not only the writings-on-the-theme but also a small non-topical section. This section will feature up to five contributions, each piece consisting of a series of very short fragments, especially aphorisms. On the Contents page, a separator symbol will appear in between the sections. Carlos V. Reyes’ “Fragments on Fragments” installments will continue to appear at the bottom of the Contents page after the non-topical section.

There are 13 contributions to this issue’s “Haunting Memories” theme. The writings range from fragments of childhood memories to a piece about a very recent adult memory to fragments about memory loss. As I was rereading the pieces in this issue, the question arose: What is it about memories that can make them so haunting? Perhaps these contributions try to answer that question, or echo it in their own ways.

—Olivia Dresher

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