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Haunting Memories

Fall 2009 :: Current Issue

2009 :: Issue 5/Fall :: Haunting Memories

Haunting Memories

Fall 2009 :: Issue Five

Editor’s Note

Merina Canyon Flash Flood
Wm. Anthony Connolly The Strange Loop
Olivia Dresher Mood and Memory Fragments
Richard Jay Goldstein Passing the Door
Richard Goodman Paris
Esther Altshul Helfgott Fragments from an Alzheimer’s Journey
Andrew T. McCarter Untitled: Portrait of a Homeless Art History Student
Greggory Moore Monika in Memory
Lisa Piazza Taken
Sarah Sloat Among Ghosts
A. J. Tallman Self-Sacrificed
Mary Jarrett Wilson Bill
Chad Witt Here. Said.
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Scott Allen The Black Pen
Bill Chapko FragNotes: On Aphorisms
Stephen Wallace Coltin Grains of Salt
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Carlos V. Reyes Fragments on Fragments 5


Cover art: “Night Dreams” :: Darlene Olivia McElroy

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