Listings filed under 'Male'

Connolly, Wm. Anthony – 43

Writing; spirituality; death/mortality; belonging; art

Devito, Peter J. – 19

Growing up in New York City; Italian emigrant experience

Keating, Charles – 01

Art; science; religion; evolution; poetry; politics; wonder; relationships

Kleinfield, Herbert L. – 36

Love; polio; WWII; disabled veteran; war; family; Jewish intellectual life

Poxson, Elijah – 33

Family life in first half of 20th century; writing for pleasure and emotional connection; establishing auto dealerships on five continents; pride in three children (father often absent); live-in grandmother; two world wars; Michigan history

Wilson, Robert – 18

Creativity; lifelong learning; literature; social sciences; teaching; society–U.S.; writing/the writing life

Zager, Raymond Lee – 23

Relationship to wife and children; dreams; law work; World War II; travel in U.S. and Europe; readings (literature, diaries); the study of diaries